Apart Aisha, which has been serving since 2001, is different than a hotel, by their vision of making the guests to feel their home comfort on their vacation. Until today they succeed it not only by local guests, but also foreigners.

Who spended at least a part of their vacation at Apart Aisha, are became a member of this huge family. At the end of their vacation, they took a piece away from Apart Aisha, or maybe they left from theirself. That' s the reason makes them re-visit.

Dalyan and Apart Aisha, offers different selections to you, according to your expectations and mantelity. If you prefer, you can relax without going out of the garden away from the madness and noise of a city, or with so many different activities, you can have fun.

Let' s come to Apart Aisha to meet up with. Be a member of this family and have an enjoyable holiday as in your home comfort.


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